Hot & Spicy  
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Chef s Special

spicy 1. House Beef
Sliced beef sautéed in garlic sauce with black pepper, garnished with shredded cabbage.
2. Sizzling Happy Family
Combination of pork, shrimp, chicken, beef & mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
3. Seafood Delight 14.75
4. Braised Bean Curd
Mushroom, bean curd and pork
5. Triple Delight
Combination of beef, shrimp and chicken sautéed w. black mushroom, snow peas and bamboo shoot in brown sauce.
spicy 6. Lucky Two
Shrimp stir fried with green pepper, water chestnut and straw mushroom in a spicy dark sauce, sea scallop, sautéed with mushroom, peas and carrots and white onion in a spicy red chili sauce.
spicy 7. Sweet & Sour Fish 14.75
8. Twin Mushroom Shrimp 14.75
9. Pork w. Scallops & Snow Peas 14.75
spicy 10. Kong Pao Combination 14.75
spicy 11. Crispy Chicken
Marinated and deep fried bone-in chicken with hot spicy sauce.
12. Smoked Tea Duck
Marinated steamed smoked and deep fried, served with bean curd.
13. Three Ingredients
Imatation crabmeat, shrimp, sea scallops, mushroom, snow peas and shoots.
spicy 14. Scallop Szechuan
Scallop, water chestnuts and skin mushrooms in spicy sauce.
15. Twin Winter Pork
Sliced pork with black mushroom.
spicy 16. Sizzling Beef
A house special dish.
17. King Sesame Beef
Honey glazed sauce with sesame seed.
spicy 18. Orange Flavor Beef
Battered deep fried beef, cooked in hot spicy orange flavored sauce.
spicy 19. General Zoal's Beef 14.75
20. Lake Dong-Ting Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp sautéed with snow peas, straw mushroom, and baby corn in a special egg white wine sauce.
21. Beef & Shrimp w. Broccoli 14.75
22. Press Duck
Lightly battered boneless duck fried till crispy, served on a bed of vegetable with oyster sauce.
23. To-Fu with Vegetable Deluxe
Deep fried tofu stir fried w. napa, snow peas, black mushroom, carrot, broccoli, baby corn and bamboo shoot in a brown sauce.
24. Dragon and Phoenix
Shrimp, chicken and broccoli.
25. Four Season 13.55
26. Lemon Chicken 13.55
spicy 27. General Zoal's Chicken 13.55
spicy 28. Orange Flavored Chicken 13.55
29. Sesame Chicken
Deep fried chicken tender, toasted in a honey glazed sauce with sesame seeds.
spicy 30. General Zoal's Bean Curd 13.55
spicy 31. Orange Flavored Bean Curd 13.55
32. Sesame Bean Curd 13.55